Based on research

Acute and chronic stress and insufficient recovery from stress is an important public health concern. Prolonged stress is linked to infections, cardiovascular, gastroenterological, immunological diseases, diabetes, depression and aggression. Mental disorder is rising. It is scientifically proven that Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing walks and programs lower blood pressure, pulse rate and reduce cortisol, stress hormone level. Other benefits are improved mood and creativity, increase ability to focus and boosted immune system.



The trees and plants emit oils called phytoncides. Phytoncides are active substances, which prevent trees from rotting or being eaten by some insects and animals. Phytoncides released from trees decrease the production of stress hormones and overall reduces stress in humans, It is well known that stress inhibits immune function and that a properly functioning immune system plays an important role on defense of bacteria, viruses and tumors. These chemicals not only enhance the health of the trees and plants emitting them, but have an effect on human physiology as well.



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