What is Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing?

Shinrin-Yoku could be translated as ”taking in the forest atmosphere”


During Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing walks, our mind and our body bath in the natural waves. The forestry spa is always open to us. When everyday life challenges us, we need harmony and balance. Modern life makes us forget that we are part of nature. Returning to our roots will bring peace. During guided Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing walks, we get better.  We find natural wisdom and healing power of our selves. We see, smell, taste, feel and hear the nature. We get reconnected.

Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing method comes from Japan and is based on accurate research results of natural influences on human life and physical well-being. Come with us to experience this sensory opening trip. For each participants, the experience and its own connection to nature and our selves is a unique one. 


To who?

Guided Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing walks fit to all. We organize weekly walks, corporate recreation days, and retreats as well programs to foreign tourists groups to deeply experience the Finnish nature.



Shinrin-Yoku metsäterapiakävelyt tuntuvat. Tunne on vahvasti läsnä kun avaamme aistit ja otamme uudenlaisen yhteyden luontoon. Kuulemme, haistamme, maistamme, näemme ja tunnemne. Annamme luonnon astua sisäämme. Palaamme juurillemme ja muistamne että onnellisuus lähtee itsestämme. Kehon ja mielen jännitykset hellittävät ja tilalle tulee rauhallisuus. 

Nykyajan teknostressi estää meidän olemassaolon ilman stressiä. Unohdamme että kuulumme luontoon ja olemme osa sitä. Shinrin-Yoku kävelyiden aikana teemme aisteja avaavia kutsuja ja hidastamalla annamme luonnolle mahdollisuuden parantaa. Kun otamne yhteyden luontoon, rakennamme yhteyttä myös itseemme ja pääsemme takaisin tähän hetkeen ja paikkaan. 




We do not study plant names but we fall in love with the Finnish nature trough rich sense experiences.

On your walk, a certified guide will assist you with series of invitations to slow down, relax and awake your senses and connect with the nature in a deeply personal way. We learn mindfully to be present in this moment and how to respect the place we have chosen.  Imagine sensing the spirit of our forests. We simply walk slowly, quietly and deliberately in a forest, taking in the sounds, scents, colors, forms and general vibe of nature.



We are surrounded by old Lappish forest and the beautiful indigenous Samiland. Distance of our walk is only 1-2km but we walk it slowly with our senses open. Walk always ends up with a special tea ceremony. Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing programs are possible to take 40min, 2h or even a multi-day retreat.