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Shinrin-Yoku forest therapy sessions, Welcome to feel You!

We offer Shinrin-Yoku forest therapy walks and Nature wellbeing holidays in beautiful and sunny Portugal. During these activities our mind and our body bath in the natural waves. The forest spa is always open to us. When everyday life challenges us, we need harmony and balance. Modern life makes us forget that we are a part of nature. Returning to our roots will bring peace. During guided Shinrin-Yoku forest therapy walks and Nature wellbeing holidays we heal in many ways. We find natural wisdom and self-healing powers. We see, smell, taste, feel and hear nature. We connect with our surroundings, we simply relax! Shinrin-Yoku could be translated as "to take in the forest atmosphere"

Welcome to the silent land of your own body & mind & spirit.

The Shinrin-Yoku method originates from Japan and research shows us that spending time in nature this way provides us with many health benefits and improves our overall wellbeing. Come with us to experience the nature with all of our senses. Each nature connection experience is unique, and helps facilitate a safe and supportive journey for participants to deepen their own connection with nature, and ultimately, themselves.


Who is forest Therapy for?

Guided Shinrin-Yoku forest therapy walks and nature wellbeing programs are for everyone. We organize

  • weekly walks

  • slow activity programs for tourism

  • corporate recreation days

  • nature wellbeing holidays and yoga retreats

Shinrin-Yoku forest therapy draws on the latest medical research, new developments in the field of nature connection, and ancient traditions of mindfulness and wellness promotion. 

We encounter not just the nature, but through the many ways nature mirrors us also encounter ourselves. Forest therapy supports the wellness and health of participants trough interacting with forest in ways that mobilize your natural and inherent healing properties. 



Why TRY forest therapy?

Shinrin-Yoku forest therapy walks and Nature wellbeing programs will help you to enjoy being in the present moment and awakening your different senses. We hear, smell, taste, see and feel. We let nature in. We return to our roots and remember that happiness comes from within. The tensions of the body and mind relax and are replaced with calmness.

Today's technonology dominant lifestyles increase stress and reduce our sense of connection with the natural world. We forget that we belong to nature and are part of it. During Shinrin-Yoku walks, we use ‘invitations’ or sensory based activities to open the senses and help us to slow down, giving nature the chance to provide healing.

As during our Shinrin Yoku walks and wellbeing programs we connect with nature we will also build a connection to ourselves and become more present and aware of our surroundings.



What happens? 

We do not focus on learning any specific naturalist knowledge like plant names/species, instead we simply focus on beautiful outdoors through rich sensory experiences. 

On your Shinrin-Yoku walk a certified guide will assist you with a series of invitations to slow you down, relax and awaken your senses and help you connect with nature in a deeply personal and unique way. We learn mindfully to be present in this moment and how to respect the more than human world. We simply walk slowly, quietly and deliberately in a nature, taking in the sounds, scents, colors, forms and general vibe of nature.

During our Nature wellbeing holidays, imagine sensing the silent spirit of nature. On our Nature wellbeing holidays we also enjoy the harmony of eco treatments and clients experience holistic mind and body rebalancing. We are located in Lisbon, Portugal, come and feel the power of evergreen nature of one of the oldest countries in Europe.




We cooperate with the nature in sunny Portugal with the roots of arctic Lapland of Finland.  Forest therapy walks cover only a short distance of approximately 1-2km at a very slow and mindful paced. We end our forest therapy experience with a special tea ceremony to embody our experience and give gratitude to the nature. Shinrin-Yoku forest therapy programs can last from 40min, 2hours or even a multi-day retreat.

Nature wellbeing accommodation.  

Ask for a cozy and comfortable stay with characteristic surroundings. Perfect spot for artists, explorers and photographers. We find you  the place to enjoy the nature, sleep tight and just relax. 

Combine with Forest bathing programs to give sparks to your creativity or just for enjoying mindful moments away from everyday life. 



Nature has a way of showing us who we really are, if we let it.



Based on research

Acute and chronic stress and insufficient recovery from stress is an important public health concern. Prolonged stress is linked to infections, cardiovascular, gastroenterological, immunological diseases, diabetes, depression and aggression. Mental disorder is rising. It is scientifically proven that Shinrin-Yoku forest therapy walks and programs lower blood pressure, pulse rate and reduce cortisol, stress hormone level. Other benefits are improved mood and creativity, increase ability to focus and boosted immune system.



The trees and plants emit oils called phytoncides. Phytoncides are active substances, which prevent trees from rotting or being eaten by some insects and animals. Phytoncides released from trees decrease the production of stress hormones and overall reduces stress in humans, It is well known that stress inhibits immune function and that a properly functioning immune system plays an important role on defense of bacteria, viruses and tumors. These chemicals not only enhance the health of the trees and plants emitting them, but have an effect on human physiology as well.



Read more from  Shinrin-Yoku Finland's social media where there are a lot articles, tips and news about the topic! 






Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing walks including tea and light snack. 
duration 2h

During our Shinrin Yoku forest bath session we will awaken our senses, slow down and connect with the nature. During our gentle walks we are here not going there. We learn to be mindful in present moment. We respect the nature values and we find natural wisdom and self-healing powers. We see, smell, taste, feel and hear nature. We reconnect with our surroundings, we simply relax! Shinrin-Yoku could be translated as "to take in the forest atmosphere" At the end of our walk, we enjoy special tea time with light snack. Welcome to connect with more than human world of nature and improve your spiritual wellbeing. 

contact: marirotko@gmail.com


Private groups

Private Shinrin-Yoku Forest Therapy group walks are always tailored to meet the needs of the group. With Shinrin Yoku Finland, we are happy to walk with groups with different sizes and needs. Corporate walks, tourism activities, tailor-made groups for health organizations. As we like to say, nature is the therapist we guides open the doors.

Wellbeing from nature - holidays  You will meet the nature privacy, silence, perfect company of all living beings. We can meet needs of small group demands to keep experience more intimate and personal. Is there any other way than relaxed way? 

contact marirotko@gmail.com


Shinrin-Yoga retreats

Shinrin-Yoga retreats combines Shinrin-Yoku forest therapeutic walking and gentle yoga. After our deeply connecting Shinrin-Yoku walk we give to our body and mind a gentle yoga. During Yoga we enhance body relaxation and balance the mind. 

contact marirotko@gmail.com


Languages: Finnish and English


I know what I see

Nature is calling me

bath in its beauty

Haiku of the Day


Your certified Shinrin Yoku forest therapy guide

Mari rotko

I would love to take you to the nature. Let´s go open our mind, heart and senses to the magic of the nature. By connecting with the nature we learn to slow down and we find the harmony and natural state of joy.  

Portugal, 2017 was when I heard the word Shinrin Yoku for the first time. I have always felt the healing powers of nature. Seeing the details and stopping to explore. The word Shinrin Yoku did not give peace. It started a journey to this moment. Shinrin Yoku based forest therapy is the best forest bath I have ever experienced. It brightens the mind and cleanses the body. I hope that as a certified guide I can help people to find their own intuition and start walking their own path, not the path next to oneself. 

I am a member of the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy Guides & Programs based in California,  founded by M. Amos Clifford.

I hold Wilderness first aid certificate. 

More information about the association:  www.natureandforesttherapy.org




Be in contact and let's make together a perfect walk for you!

Mari Rotko

Guided Shinrin-Yoku forest therapy walks

p. +358 40 130 6632


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